Advanced Photography – The Unique Utility of the Oppo F11 Pro

The Oppo F11 Pro has all the basic facilities that one would expect from an advanced smartphone. It comes with a high-end octa-core processor, 2.2-megapixel camera, an 8 mega-apixel shooter, a GPS receiver, a radio, micro USB, memory card, an accelerometer, a capacitive keyboard, a four-megapixel camera with flash, and many more to mention. The Oppo F11 Pro even comes with two variants – the Classic and the Gold. The Classic has a dual camera arrangement, a metal frame and all the latest features of the Oppo Ebook. The Gold variant comes with a metal body and comes with an enhanced dual camera set up, a larger 3.2 megapixel camera, a barcode scanner, a LAN function, an FM radio, and other such features.

As far as storage is concerned, the two variants of Oppo F11 Pro have got a SIM card reader, a card reader, both amicro and suction memory, micro USB, and GSM modem. The Classic comes with a slots for memory cards, micro USB, and a GSM modem. The Gold has all the same slots as the Classic, but has a metal casing, and a memory card slot as well. The Oppo F11 Pro comes with a choice of either on-board or external hard disks, a memory card, a micro USB, a barcode scanner, a bar code scanner, an accelerometer, a calendar, a contact manager, a GPS navigator, a WiFi, a Bluetooth, a Web browser, and lots more. If you want it to work on Windows Mobile OS, then you need to purchase the Professional version.

The Oppo F11 Pro has been in the market for almost three months now, and till date, the product has managed to amass $4 million in sales. This amount has come down due to various reasons. At first, there was an unbelievably low price being offered at the launch of this variant. People were unable to invest in it due to its high price. Well, due to rampant demand for the product, the price has been reduced considerably and the company is hoping to further reduce the cost before it starts selling the device internationally. oppo f11 pro

The most striking feature of this handset is its extremely easy to use interface and the unique features it comes with. For example, the Android operating system which has been used in the iPhone 4 has not been used in any smartphone till date. Despite that, the developers of this smartphone have managed to make it extremely user friendly by integrating the user friendly Android interface with the professional yet classy design of the Oppo F11 Pro. The phone comes with a very unique dual curved screen – one curved panel on the top half and another flat panel on the bottom half of the handset.

In fact, one might call it a two panel phone as the curved screen works exactly like a rectangle. When you take a picture of the object which you want to print out, you can do it by pressing the ‘Prt Scr’ key on the keyboard. Then, just slide in the printed link on to the scanner window and your image will be automatically converted into a digital file which can be easily sent over Bluetooth. This photo messaging facility has been made possible by the patented pop-up selfies which allow you to upload the images which you are looking at on your mobile screen directly onto your PC. These selfies can be saved in the microSD slot which comes in very handy.

Further, the Oppo F11 Pro comes with an advanced Linux operating system. The Linux operating system has been developed by a company called Mediatek. The patented Mediatek Helio P70 Plus driver features an advanced Linux operating system, namely the Maemo OS. The powerful but sleek graphical user interface of the Oppo F11 Pro makes it easier for the users to enjoy their photos.

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